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2014 fifa world cup countdown (13/446)
world cup legends → ronaldo (x)

The Brazilian Ronaldo responds to Sir Alex Ferguson calling him ‘fat and old’, saying: “I have no words for this gentleman, except that I hope the team he manages always loses.”

Portugal-Denmark: bests and worsts



VARELA It is impossible, but at now, Varela seems to be more important that Ronald in the team, and it would be better of Portugal to put Varela on the field and Ronaldo on the bench, becuase of many reasons. Varela is able to decide a match.


BENDTNER He puts on his shoulder all the denmark attack. An other time he shows all his qualities, as leader and as great player. But unfourtunately it’s not enough.


RONALDO It the second time he is among the worsts, where is the Ronaldo of this past season in Real Madrid? That of this Euros seems to be the bad brother.. Are we sure that he arrived at the Euros? he seems to have been get lost.  Missing.

Germany-Portugal: the bests & the worsts



NEUER: he saves the result with a great save against Varela at the 88’, and he also was hurt by Postiga, and a lot o supporters in the world were afraid of seeing Manuel ashore, but he has raised, as only he can does. Indestructible.


GOMEZ: More that anything else, he is the decisive man. And here counts a lot. He didn’t score in competition like that: that of yesterday is the 23rd goal in National team, the 45th in season.


MULLER: Runs but he never centers the goal.

PODOLSKI: If he wants to return in his Poland where there will play the quarters, he can’t err the conclusions as yesterday.

POSTIGA: Warned after 13’ for a bad entry on Neuer. The  only known relevant.

RONALDO: We expect more by him. Stop.