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Portugal-Netherlands: Ronaldo wakes up!

Cristiano Ronaldo has awakened and has become a nightmare of Netherlands, who still, once more, with a team completely asleep, exits from the Euros: 0 points in three races. A failure like that never happened, especially to a team that just two years ago was vice-champion of the world. Now who will go on trial? The coach confused, a selfish group of players or Huntelaar and Van Persie arrived to European with flat tires?

Until recently, the most had been Ronaldo in Portugal, compared to Messi becasue as him in the national team  he can prove little or nothing. But do not underestimate a wounded lion, especially if this is called Cristiano Ronaldo. He proved once again to himself and to criticism of being an outsider: he picked the team, he has made the winning play, and now the quarterfinal against the Czech Republic. It is too easy.

The game is hilarious, an amusement park but the Portuguese has the same problem: that of not having a striker. Postiga is embarrassing, is not able to score goals even when the Dutch defense gives him a balloon. But if you have a Cristiano Ronaldo , do not worry. The goal of Van der Vaart 11 had to worry the Portuguese, but they reacted with pride and drew with Cristiano thanks to an assist of Joao Pereira: football show.

The draw is too little for Portugal, though: 11 pitches in the first 34 ‘, and that is why the second time it opens the dancing, it was a festival of waste with Nani able to devour 2-1. But at 29 ‘, the coup de grace. Ronaldo scored  2-1 and goodbye Netherlands. The Portugal goes forward head high.

Portugal-Netherlands: Bests and worsts



CRISTIANO RONALDO Under criticism, a flower is born. The substance of a gentleman of football. From “flop” a “savior of his country.” Because it’s really what he is.


STEKELENBURG In front of him there is the carnival of the Portuguese, Ronaldo and Nani make his head ache. But at the end he is the only one that exits  still standing.


POSTIGA If Ronaldo does not exist, would have to return to Portugal on foot. A number of errors equal to that of Van Persie in the whole tournament, and we all said.

HUNTELAAR He has a few balls, but it looks drugged.

Portugal-Denmark: Bendtner is not enough

Portugal remains in the running with only the Varela who takes Portugal and led it to win against Denmark, strong and well equipped. Yet another time it is not Cristiano Ronaldo helping his national team, but another player who seems a stranger in his comparison. This time Ronaldo takes part in the action failing the easiest goals of his career.

The first half ends with the 2 to 1 when at 24’ with a great goal by Pepe: header imperiously, his back to goal, with a ball into the top corner. Born immediately after the doubling of Postiga outlet in the area thanks to a perfect assist by Nani. Another team would withdraw the defense so as not to get more goals and try to make the break but it is not what Denmark makes, that uses immediately (at 41 ‘) a blunder of the Portuguese defense, unprepared in front of the touch Krohn-Dehli for the solitary Bendtner who needs only to push the network. The first half ends with a given: 39% of ball possession but the Portuguese team is ahead.

A clue for the shot.

Cristiano Ronaldo wastes a lot of chances to end up playing wing, but, too proud and arrogant, does not matter get those goals that would ruined his team without Varela. In fact, Bendtner made no mistake and he made the draw at 35 ‘, putting the head on the 2-2 valuable assists from the right side of Lars Jacobsen. It ‘s just the already mentioned Varela that ,replaced Meireles, at the end of the game decides the match.

Once again Portugal relies on and trusts of Ronaldo, and as always,  Ronaldo does not deserve it.

Germany-Portugal: the bests & the worsts



NEUER: he saves the result with a great save against Varela at the 88’, and he also was hurt by Postiga, and a lot o supporters in the world were afraid of seeing Manuel ashore, but he has raised, as only he can does. Indestructible.


GOMEZ: More that anything else, he is the decisive man. And here counts a lot. He didn’t score in competition like that: that of yesterday is the 23rd goal in National team, the 45th in season.


MULLER: Runs but he never centers the goal.

PODOLSKI: If he wants to return in his Poland where there will play the quarters, he can’t err the conclusions as yesterday.

POSTIGA: Warned after 13’ for a bad entry on Neuer. The  only known relevant.

RONALDO: We expect more by him. Stop.

Germany-Portugal: deferred exchange is a decisive move

The match is very balanced and, at times, also boring because both the players of Germany and Portugal don’t manage to create important actions, until the crossbar of Pepe, which reminds us of the problem of technology in football ,(if she had gone and no one had seen it, it would have been the tipical troubles).

The problem of Portugal is always the same: they have very great footballers, like Pepe, Nani, Meireles and the obvious Ronaldo, but the others are mediocre, and in football a team has to be harmonized and well-orchestrated, and it can’t happen if only four or five players are able to do it. An example is the center forward, Postiga, who doesn’t manage to do it anything , we remember him only for the warning for an very bad entry on Neuer.

Germany is more concentrated, the players are the youngest and maybe the best of the competition, but they don’t manage to be very dangerous in area, until the header of Mario Gomez in the second half, and behind this important goal, there is a story, the story of how football is strange but in the same time adorable.This goal is a lucky shot, a double lucky shot. First of all, Gomez shouldn’t be on the field because he was destinend to be substituted by Klose, and also he shouldn’t be able to score because the cross of Khedira was too low but the deviation of Moutinho changed the path.

After the goal, the match becomes more exciting with Portugal that doesn’t want to lose a match up at that moment balanced, and they do their best attacking with they all players the area of Neuer. But an other time Neuer shows his great ability, most of all, against Varela.

Portugal: exceeded the trauma of 2004?

Technique, ball possession and Cristiano Ronaldo: an explosive mixture that has not yet proven the expectations. It qualified as second in the groups so it played the playoff and won it.

The defense has great players who wins a lot with their club showing their qualities, and they also achieved a good experience and maturation. The midfield has great virtues to give depth to the maneuver. The real forward is Postiga and he has the mission to disprove the rule that portogueses have not center forward. At the sides there are Cristiano Ronaldo, (what to say about him?), and Nani, who finally reached his fair dimension in Manchester United.

THE STAR: Cristiano Ronaldo 

Cristiano Ronaldo with his 46 goal in 38 matches took his team Real Madrid to win the Liga. His average is lowered in the national team, but the reason is that Portugal is not a potency in the mondial football. Wing converted a center point, a speed as a sprinter, a perfect control of the foot, right, left and head kick as textbook made him the second best player in the world. The Euros can be his ideal scenery for consecration if he will be decisive also in national team.