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“I was flattered by the offer, because my whole family supports Real Madrid. I thanked them for the interest but told my agent I wanted to go to Fiorentina. I want to keep giving everything, not just play half a game in a top team and win trophies. I want to play Sunday, Wednesday, Sunday”
- Mario Gomez about Real Madrid wanting to transfer him this summer [x

Semifinal Germany-Italy: Italian Supermario against German Supermario

Italy and Germany, as usual. One after the other semifinal in Dortmund in 2006. The last team that Germany wanted to face  was Italy, because with them they never won. Football history include a lot of games between Germany-Italy all won by the italian team. Now Germany is ready to take revenge, and the team is much stronger than those of that time, and furthermore, it is the favorite.It is passed peacefully against Greece, even with some difficulties, instead, Italy after dominating the entire race against England, managed to pass only on penalties. And in this case they can feel the effort.


Mario Balotelli has yet to prove, but everyone knows what he is made and his quality. At only 21 years is not only unmovable in his club Manchester City but also in the national team, he  has scored only one goal in the European, but beautiful. Mario Gomez has proved all, at age 26 he is in the culmination of the career and also he had a very great season first with Bayern Munich and now with Germany.

Germany-Netherlands Goalmez strikes again

The most anticipated game of the group may be also of the entire Europe, (clashed in fact, the finalist of the world and the third) ends with a 2 to 1 on the German team, a result that seems to go too close to the Low and his players because of the huge differences between the two teams.

Germany proves once again to be a war machine that lines up  in this game a brilliant trio: Hummels, Ozil, Gomez. And it’s from then  that are born all the major actions, even with the input of Schweinsteiger in the action of the two goals. Hummels, Borussia Dortmund defender, just 23 years is already a leader when he stands, when the action starts and especially when pushes forward, brushing a goal in the second half. Ozil, the genie of Real Madrid and also that Germany is growing from game to game. And Gomez is the striker that everyone wants: no mistake in front of goal and just think about the goal.

Instead Netherlands  seems to have been lost in this European championship: it is a disjointed, without energy and conviction, based solely on their own selfish individuality. Even the coach seems to have been distracted when he leaves Hunteelar on the bench, called the hunter not the case, and Van der Vaart, who when they enter, suddenly seem to wake the team.

In these situations the game can only proceed on one side with a total dominance, ,or so the first time, of Germany as early as the first time brushes the goal with Ozil. Germany goes to the 24 ‘with a goal from Mario that can pierce the defense with a perfect assist to Schweinsteiger. Doubling always arrives a few minutes later with Gomez, doubling deserved after Stekelenburg saves to Badstuber. The goal is another result of the company Schweinez, with the attacker throw in the door with a power kick the goal 2-0. In the second half the goal of Van Persie can reduce the gap between the two countries but the Netherlands is not in degrees of repetition and the German has as goalkeeper the magnet Neuer. 

Germany-Portugal: deferred exchange is a decisive move

The match is very balanced and, at times, also boring because both the players of Germany and Portugal don’t manage to create important actions, until the crossbar of Pepe, which reminds us of the problem of technology in football ,(if she had gone and no one had seen it, it would have been the tipical troubles).

The problem of Portugal is always the same: they have very great footballers, like Pepe, Nani, Meireles and the obvious Ronaldo, but the others are mediocre, and in football a team has to be harmonized and well-orchestrated, and it can’t happen if only four or five players are able to do it. An example is the center forward, Postiga, who doesn’t manage to do it anything , we remember him only for the warning for an very bad entry on Neuer.

Germany is more concentrated, the players are the youngest and maybe the best of the competition, but they don’t manage to be very dangerous in area, until the header of Mario Gomez in the second half, and behind this important goal, there is a story, the story of how football is strange but in the same time adorable.This goal is a lucky shot, a double lucky shot. First of all, Gomez shouldn’t be on the field because he was destinend to be substituted by Klose, and also he shouldn’t be able to score because the cross of Khedira was too low but the deviation of Moutinho changed the path.

After the goal, the match becomes more exciting with Portugal that doesn’t want to lose a match up at that moment balanced, and they do their best attacking with they all players the area of Neuer. But an other time Neuer shows his great ability, most of all, against Varela.

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