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brings victory
Veronica from Italy . Loving to dream about the so-called impossibilities and striving to change the world. Life-lover.

France: new team, new destiny?

As Italy, also France wants to take revenge of the bad competition in the world cup in 2010. The team now is completely now: has very great players with a lot of experience like Ribery or Benzema, and some very interesting youngs like M’Vila. Menez, Nasri (or Gourcuff) and Ribery are a mixture of fantasy and Benzema is back to his perfect condition.

Its module is the same of the most of team: two midfielders esecially with tasks of interdiction, and three playmakers behind the scorer. The team forward is very strong but we can’t say the same for the defense. The goalkeeper is not so reliable and the defensers are so great.

THE STAR: Frank Ribery

Ribéry primarily plays as a winger and is described as a player who is “fast, tricky, and an excellent dribbler who has great control with the ball at his feet”. Despite being predominantly right-footed and utilized as a right-sided midfielder during his development years in France, since establishing himself as an international and at Bayern, Ribéry has personally admitted that his preference is to play on the left wing. Ribéry has been described as a provocateur on the field of play with UEFA describing him as “a crowd-pleaser – one of those rare breed of footballer capable of enjoying his talents while expressing them”. The wish of the supporters is to have the great condition shown with Bayern also during the Euros. In that way it will simply unstoppable.