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Spain-Portugal: Portugal leaves with head high

A final on penalties, inevitable, given the trend of the game until then. One of the most boring and disappointing game of the entire European games, we expected more from this semi-final and especially from Portugal and Spain.

The regular and extra times are absurd boredom, something shameful for a European semifinal. It was known that Portugal and Spain were two teams that create their game from the tactics, like a chess game, but even a game of chess is so boring. Spain had decided to leave the plan used until now, fielding a number 9,  not Llorente or Torres, but Negredo. But  he sees very few balls, both becuase Xavi has a a few to manage, both because the couple Pepe-Alves is the best of torneo.From its part, Portugal knows it has the qualities to break through with Nani andRonaldo, but also with Coentrão and Joao Pereira.

The fact is that, although there are possibilities for a glittering football, at the end of regulation time the opportunities were few. On the occasion of the match, however, in the first 90 minutes there is little to record. A combination Silva-Iniesta delivers a good ball to Arbeloa on 10 ‘, but the right is to forget. A little better with Iniesta just before the half hour, but what is even higher. Just wide, however, the left low drive from Ronaldo just as later. For the rest, some good intentions but the game locked, with zero desire to take risks. Even in the second half, it does not change. Spain in extra time trying to get out of it better than it had done so far. Portugal gets scared and moves back further, allowing Ramos (punishment), Navas (diagonal from right) and Pedro (sprint stopped right at the edge of the area) to create some danger up to 120 ‘. The opportunities are few, and it seems that teams point directly to the rigors.

In the penalty shootout, the errors of Moutinho and Bruno Alves mark the Portuguese destiny, a destiny mockery, as their hero Ronaldo, arranged on the fifth penalty, has not showed up .But Portugal leaves with head high, because it was on the same level of a very ugly spain. Spain instead reaches his third consecutive final, equaling the record of West Germany. If in this the event that it wins, it would be the first team to win three consecutive international competitions.