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Portugal-Netherlands: Bests and worsts



CRISTIANO RONALDO Under criticism, a flower is born. The substance of a gentleman of football. From “flop” a “savior of his country.” Because it’s really what he is.


STEKELENBURG In front of him there is the carnival of the Portuguese, Ronaldo and Nani make his head ache. But at the end he is the only one that exits  still standing.


POSTIGA If Ronaldo does not exist, would have to return to Portugal on foot. A number of errors equal to that of Van Persie in the whole tournament, and we all said.

HUNTELAAR He has a few balls, but it looks drugged.

Portugal-Netherlands: Ronaldo wakes up!

Cristiano Ronaldo has awakened and has become a nightmare of Netherlands, who still, once more, with a team completely asleep, exits from the Euros: 0 points in three races. A failure like that never happened, especially to a team that just two years ago was vice-champion of the world. Now who will go on trial? The coach confused, a selfish group of players or Huntelaar and Van Persie arrived to European with flat tires?

Until recently, the most had been Ronaldo in Portugal, compared to Messi becasue as him in the national team  he can prove little or nothing. But do not underestimate a wounded lion, especially if this is called Cristiano Ronaldo. He proved once again to himself and to criticism of being an outsider: he picked the team, he has made the winning play, and now the quarterfinal against the Czech Republic. It is too easy.

The game is hilarious, an amusement park but the Portuguese has the same problem: that of not having a striker. Postiga is embarrassing, is not able to score goals even when the Dutch defense gives him a balloon. But if you have a Cristiano Ronaldo , do not worry. The goal of Van der Vaart 11 had to worry the Portuguese, but they reacted with pride and drew with Cristiano thanks to an assist of Joao Pereira: football show.

The draw is too little for Portugal, though: 11 pitches in the first 34 ‘, and that is why the second time it opens the dancing, it was a festival of waste with Nani able to devour 2-1. But at 29 ‘, the coup de grace. Ronaldo scored  2-1 and goodbye Netherlands. The Portugal goes forward head high.

Germany-Netherlands Goalmez strikes again

The most anticipated game of the group may be also of the entire Europe, (clashed in fact, the finalist of the world and the third) ends with a 2 to 1 on the German team, a result that seems to go too close to the Low and his players because of the huge differences between the two teams.

Germany proves once again to be a war machine that lines up  in this game a brilliant trio: Hummels, Ozil, Gomez. And it’s from then  that are born all the major actions, even with the input of Schweinsteiger in the action of the two goals. Hummels, Borussia Dortmund defender, just 23 years is already a leader when he stands, when the action starts and especially when pushes forward, brushing a goal in the second half. Ozil, the genie of Real Madrid and also that Germany is growing from game to game. And Gomez is the striker that everyone wants: no mistake in front of goal and just think about the goal.

Instead Netherlands  seems to have been lost in this European championship: it is a disjointed, without energy and conviction, based solely on their own selfish individuality. Even the coach seems to have been distracted when he leaves Hunteelar on the bench, called the hunter not the case, and Van der Vaart, who when they enter, suddenly seem to wake the team.

In these situations the game can only proceed on one side with a total dominance, ,or so the first time, of Germany as early as the first time brushes the goal with Ozil. Germany goes to the 24 ‘with a goal from Mario that can pierce the defense with a perfect assist to Schweinsteiger. Doubling always arrives a few minutes later with Gomez, doubling deserved after Stekelenburg saves to Badstuber. The goal is another result of the company Schweinez, with the attacker throw in the door with a power kick the goal 2-0. In the second half the goal of Van Persie can reduce the gap between the two countries but the Netherlands is not in degrees of repetition and the German has as goalkeeper the magnet Neuer. 

Netherlands-Denmark: Danish joke

Now it is a problem for Netherlands, lose with a match like that, where it was the Oranges to deserve the win, it is awful. 

The group of iron becomes steel, the fact that Denmark Olsen demonstrates that they could play on par with other “mammasantissima”. Netherlands subdued compared to the extraordinary qualification round: slow, with few ideas and a lot of confusion in defense. Little energy in midfield, some limits even in his best men, from Robben Van Persie, Sneijder through, which alternates with passages played great vacuum. The next opponents are called Germany and Portugal: the European is all uphill.

The goal of Denmark is a distillation of “glitches” in defense of Holland. Simon Poulsen, very active and good in the race that is on the close, down on the left at 24 ‘: find a low cross that rewards the inclusion of Krohn-Delhi. Brondby striker’s just a fake body (good for charity), to send for a walk across the Dutch central defense: his low shot ended up under the legs of Stekelenburg and thus leads to the 1-0.

Robben repeats the usual pattern of departures from the right, centralization and shooting with the left, but it never really scared, Sneijder salt level at the beginning of recovery, but it does not last long, Afellay by reason Guardiola who used little. The inputs of Van der Vaart and Huntelaar not change much. The Netherlands has many resources, and can also recover from false start. But many have to raise the tone.