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Spain-France: too easy

A Spain like that against Croatia, beautiful but non wonderful, efficient but not perfect. A team that plays with so much pleasure without any difficulty, but that toils too much to close it. So much that in the last 20’ minutes France, with its last resources, searches the draw, scaring Spain not because of the qualities of the actions but among other things because, after a match like this, granting the balance should assure to Spain the Nobel for Silly. The problem of Spain is that , having lost Villa, they have not the same killer of area who manages to finalize what behind him was created. Torres has not the same quality and Llorente seems to not have any possibility. Del Bosque follows an other plan, that of the epidemic of “emulate-barça”, having the regular players of its. But it lacks Messi,fundamental thing. But until they play with so much pleasure without difficulties, and for sure the action don’t lack, they can postpone to find a solution. Even that from the semifinals they should do absolutely more forward. Instead France doesn’t manage to play. Blanc creates some measures to block Spain, but they are annuled immediately with goal of Xabi at 17’, caused by a mistake of Debuchy. France should have the players to balance the match ma they don’t manage to find the ball. A catastrophe for France, maybe annunced after the disaster against Sweden.

Quarter-Finals: one more step …

23/6/2012 Spain vs France (h. 20.45)

One of the most interesting matches of the quarter-final stage : the winner of the past world cup against the team that went home at the first round. And it is changed so much since then.

The France has all changed since the last world cup, has sent home the hotheads who destabilized the team, has created a good team and has a coach effective and efficient. The team finished second in the group after losing their last game against Sweden, a mistake which now no longer needs to be redone.

The Spain is always  the team to beat, but now the gap between the teams seems to be a bit more diminished. A draw against Italy ,suffering; again suffering, it won against Croatia and won against Ireland in the best way possible. Which kind of Spain will see in this phase of quarters?

France-Sweden: Chapeau,Ibra!

With a beautiful postcard of goodbye  Sweden leaves us, a team already eliminated, plays a tough game without even giving up the ball and making invisible on the field  France, which, if  they think to play in this way against Spain, they should already begin to pack their things and go home.

Sweden aims to leave a beautiful memory of himself in this European and thank for the  support the over 40 thousand fans came here. The first time is conducted under rhythm by both sides, caused also by an oppressive sultriness, but Mr. Ibrahimovicin teh second half  time freezes France and its fans with the best goal of the whole Euros. Already impossible to think of it, think you realize it.

The goal is a technical masterpiece, a goal from the art gallery of football, the most beautiful for coefficient implementation, planning and success. A half-turn steering wheel full right neck, with both legs off the ground and twisting of the body. Acrobatic sense, coordination and ease of soccer goals come together in a fruit of extraordinary harmony. If you have not seen, it’s time to look for it on youtube. Not of the same greatness is Larsson’s goal at 46 ‘, but it serves to make the game  and the feast more bright and festive for Swedish.

The France instead seems to be a team in disarray, except Debuchy that runs on the wing as hell, and some ideas of Benzema and Ribery, the French were well below their means. And then an error incomprehensible by Blanc: what to put  on the field an already warned Mexes, with the risk of jumping the quarter, in a game that serves no purpose.

France-Sweden:Bests and worsts



LLORIS a kiss at the stake because it saves him from Toivonen, then on Larsson  It is him to think about, but there is no history on Ibra. Avoid the crash.


IBRAHIMOVIC For the goals but also for the wonderful work he does for others. If it were so, for all Europeans!


MEXES Embarrassing on Toivonen, long on ibra: yellow and disqualification.

BAJRAMI  Muscle and irascible. says goodbye at 45 ‘.

France-Ukraine: bests and worsts



MENEZ He unlocks the game thanks to some of his dribbling even after having wasted a lot.


PYATOV A save on Benzema, ruined by the sloppiness of his mates.


VORONIN He should follow the example of Shevchenko, given his great qualities, but he can never do it.

NASRI He plays attacking midfielder but is the less effective.

France-Ukraine: the blues come back again

This Europe does not miss anything: we lacked even the great flood. Lightning, thunder and a downpour that hit the stadium just to kick-off causing the inevitable suspension of the match. After about half an hour to return to play, and this time the storm is caused by France on poor Ukraine, that perhaps, after the victory against Sweden, had overstated its capabilities. There isn’t a storm of goals but not far off.

France has taken possession of the game from the beginning and if not for problems of  target and concentration, the first half ended 0-0. At this point for Ukraine would be better to aim to balance to avoid compromising an already difficult qualifying, but Blokhin, Ukraine coach, does not capture the signals from the sky and even those in the field. Blanc instead manages to revitalize your team: Malouda off and Evra, and inside Menez and Clichy.

The left-back has wonderfully supported the incursion of the French genius Ribery while Menez has had the great merit to unlock the game with a left-closed at the near post which jokes the Ukrainian goalkeeper passing under the legs of a defender. The game is now down and Cabaye to closes it, taking advantage of a sleep of the Ukrainian defense.

France-England: all?

When a group of four will soon face the two best teams, the pair is quite likely eventuality. France-England is no exception to what is often a rule. Nell’afa 1-1 draw in Donetsk, after the game far longer blocked view of Euro 2012. Result set by two episodes in the first half and no longer changes from a poor recovery of emotions. Neither side gives the idea of being a terrible customer. Not England, which was bereft of Rooney (back to the last with Ukraine), and the injured Frank Lampard, Barry and Cahill, receives purely defensive approach by Roy Hodgson, with two lines very close and with the Young license to invent behind Welbeck. And even France, which rarely fails to involve Benzema and Nasri and Ribery to live on inspiration, not a man of order between and behind seems to be pierced. Blanc offers Alou Diarra for the injured M’Vila and training type, Hodgson shows courage by choosing Oxlade-Chamberlain to Downing on the left. The first steps are monotonous, because the British defend well and France has no major issues. The first thrill it gives Young, who comes between the lines and cut the fishing area by James Milner, Lloris but not good at jumping to the conclusion. First is the protagonist of the episode Joleon Lescott used to unblock a frozen race. Diarra loses marking the stopper on the punishment of Gerrard: tested 1-0 served. Ribery Nasri invites the conclusion, Gerrard is a slight delay in output on the shooter, who seduces a very unresponsive Hart at his near post. 1-1 and all to rest.

Sweden: a team of giants

Sweden team will do its best to try to catch the second place, if one between England and France don’t manage to do it. The defense is nerve most of all in teh central Mellberg and Granqvist, in the midfield stand out the giants Elm and Kallstrom and Toivonen, leader of PSV Eindhoven, and then, naturally, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, eager of revenge after have lost the championship.

THE STAR: Zlatan Ibrahimovic

He comes to the Euros with blood on the eyes, as it’s usual to say. After have failed the chamoionship after 9 years of victories, he wants to take his own revenge, doing the best Euro that Sweden has never done in its own life.  He comes with a treasure of 28 goals in championship, and knowing that he will bring again his team on his shoulders. He will be the rock to which the team will cling on to stem the enemies waves.  He will have carte blanche: he will play as the estro will suggest him.

France: new team, new destiny?

As Italy, also France wants to take revenge of the bad competition in the world cup in 2010. The team now is completely now: has very great players with a lot of experience like Ribery or Benzema, and some very interesting youngs like M’Vila. Menez, Nasri (or Gourcuff) and Ribery are a mixture of fantasy and Benzema is back to his perfect condition.

Its module is the same of the most of team: two midfielders esecially with tasks of interdiction, and three playmakers behind the scorer. The team forward is very strong but we can’t say the same for the defense. The goalkeeper is not so reliable and the defensers are so great.

THE STAR: Frank Ribery

Ribéry primarily plays as a winger and is described as a player who is “fast, tricky, and an excellent dribbler who has great control with the ball at his feet”. Despite being predominantly right-footed and utilized as a right-sided midfielder during his development years in France, since establishing himself as an international and at Bayern, Ribéry has personally admitted that his preference is to play on the left wing. Ribéry has been described as a provocateur on the field of play with UEFA describing him as “a crowd-pleaser – one of those rare breed of footballer capable of enjoying his talents while expressing them”. The wish of the supporters is to have the great condition shown with Bayern also during the Euros. In that way it will simply unstoppable.

The Groups: 16 teams, the same goal: win

  • GROUP C: Italy, Spain, Ireland, Croatia

This group, on the paper, seems to have said all: the passage of Spain and Italy, respectively as first and second in the ranking. Actually both Ireland and Croatia can aspire to the second ranking, occupying the role of “outsider”.  Indeed both Italy and Spain aren’t so strong as years ago: Italy is a young team with a lot of insecurities, especially in defense and Spain isn’t anymore the team that won Euro 2008 and World Cup 2010. In this situation Ireland and Croatia can hinder the path in the competition of the two favourites.


Sunday 10th June: Spain-Italy (18 h), Ireland-Croatia (20.45 h)

Thursday 14th June: Italy-Croatia (18 h), Spain-Ireland (20.45 h)

Monday 18th June: Italy-Ireland (20.45 h), Croatia-Spain (20.45 h)

  • GROUP D: Ukraine, Sweden, France, England

The favourites of this group are France and England. Sweden and Ukraine have no chances to reach one of the two positions to go ahead in the competition., but they can be the teams which will cause who between England and France will get the first or the second place. Among the favourites, in fact, there isn’t one stronger that the other. England has changed the coach at the last moment, has lost Lampard and it will have Rooney only at the third and last match of the group. France is a team full of unknows and it is completely different from the team of the last world cup.


Monday 11th June: France-England (18 h), Ukraine-Sweden (20.45 h)

Friday 15th June: Ukraine-France (18 h), Sweden-England (20.45 h)

Tuesday 19th June: Sweden-France (20.45 h), England-Ukraine (20.45 h)