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England-Italy: When the student is better than the teacher

Italy passes on penalties after dominating throughout the game, exit would only be an insult to football. England, too submissive, tried to follow the plan as Chelsea against Bayern Munich, but luck only comes once. The god of football got tired of making win teams do not play football.This game has no story, even though it ended on penalties, and could end up in a goleada, but unfortunately the Italian strikers Balotelli and Cassano can not find the door, creating as many as 21 actions in the area but not finalize even one. Owning is not enough, they must score. And Italy is trying in every way. On a parable of Pirlo, Balotelli delays to lob Hart, out of the poles (25 ‘), on the next Montolivo, goes to snip, but central (31’).

 The match could only end with the Italian victory, all’s well that ends well, they say in these cases. But there are still a lot of  things to fix: too many regrets  in the penalty area, to be placed against Germany because those are not very forgiving. But Italy is beautiful, with a “spanish” possession, almost 68%.

England plays Italian (it may be time to change this term after this game), and can not even create a little fear but they made some actions in which they certainly have more substance of the Italian team . But Rooney is just tickled to the Italians, and even though in the second half Hodgson enters Walcott and Carroll, history repeats itself: they work more in defense than in attack.

Extra time does not say anything new: only Italy plays with Carroll becoming a wonderful defender. But when it comes to the penalties, history seems to repeat itself: and as if it ended as Chelsea-Bayern Munich,a dominated game and then lost on penalties?! No, it can happen one other time. And it is the penalty of Pirlo that make us to understand why. Because Italy has too much class and quality to exit, the god of football would not allow it. And Cole, Chelsea player,  mistakes the last penalty. Now he knows what it means lose on penalties. It ‘s just ended like that, and even the English they know,  it is deserved.

Quarter-Finals: one more step …

24/6/2012 England vs Italy (h. 20.45)

The most balanced game of the entire European up to now, two teams that do not also meet for a long time. A tip: look at the match!

Italy has changed a lot since the last round of the world cup : it sent away the old players and it has begun look-younger activities of the team by placing in warm parts of the field young players with international experience and some elders players to guide the troops. We have to see if this will remain a winning mixture until the end. There is only one player that can send Italy to the final: Mario Balotelli. He is a great, both in good and evil.

The England had the best times to regard the way of play, but not always was possible obtain good results. The team also by changing the last coach, has created a good team, very strong and cohesive, with a coach who knows how to play his cards, like Walcott, and a player that unleashes his full force from now on: Rooney.

at the second place: DANIEL WELBECK  in Sweden-Englan 2-3

A goal in speed, culminating with an amazing piece of art: the back-heel. That technique, that every blow that make crazy every football fan, especially if it takes to a goal.

Welbeck, surrounded by enemies can perfectly positioned himself between the path of the ball and door, and sends a great goal in the network, even for its beauty.

Coefficient of realization: 9. First, it is surrounded by opponents, that prevent him from seeing clearly where it comes from the ball and that could also divert its path, and also with a fast ball, understand immediately how make joke of the opponents and he turns suddenly.

England-Ukraine: bests and worsts



GERRARD He runs and work twice as many others as usual, and creates what it takes to Rooney.


TYMOSHCHUK Race and sense of space. Lot of great quantities.


MILEVSKIY Play at the best time of Ukraine and slows the movement.

WELBECK Totally void, from the first minute until Hodgson finally decided to remove him.

England-Ukraine: the King Lion returns and attacks

The Lion King is returned and , even at 50-60 % of the condition , he scares more than usual. It is at 3’ of the second time that Wayne emerges from the area and takes advantage of a beautiful assist of Gerrard, and makes a hole in the net. And it is the goal of revenge, after many days of suspension he had until now. Now it can play his Euros, we will be worried about. But in the first half England did not seem to be so determined to play, Hodgson plays in Italian way , ended with eight men and look for the break. But the England has a strong skeleton with Gerrard, for whom time seems to never pass, and the incredible wall of Terry, in the front of another uncertain english goalkeeper.The only one who can make a real difference is Rooney. Another player able in this way , is Walcott,  used with the dropper, unfortunately for football.

The Ukraine tried, with France that was losing the other match, but do not have the nightingale of Kiev in the field is a insurmountable limit. Shevchenko is on the bench for a problem on the knee and he goes into the field only 25 ‘of the second half, too late, when Ukraine had just equalized. Or rather he would drew: ghost goal, again.

Another ghost goal, we continue to hurt us fans and the entire football. Now we have the refeeres of door those that with ghost goal of Italy were right ,but this time they do not see anything. The ball goes into the door, goes far beyond the line, there is the goal. Or rather is there but not seen. Now Platini take action, football is too fast to be able to report them back with our eyes. The other sports are already there, we do not yet. This is no time to delay, it is time to decide and do something to protect the football.

England-Sweden: the bests and worsts


imageMELLBERG A goal and a half, and a defense more efficient. Not bad for a player always called a carpenter, not only for appearance but also for the technical qualities.


WALCOTT The right change and it shows. Just joined, awakes the team, makes goals, runs and inspires his classmates. At this point, why leave him always on the bench?


OLSSON The weak link in a chain of defense, not always impeccable.

MILNER By far the worst on field, weights every action with a significant amount of errors.

England-Sweden: The lions roar

With one of the most exciting matches of the tournament, England were back in the lead group and France resumed, with the last game that will be crucial to define the first and the second in Group D, with a qualification in practice already in the hands of England , which will be presented with the warrior Rooney.

While this game has brought England to qualification, the other Sweden is the second team of the tournament having to abandon the competition. And the feeling is that, looking at the age of his players,  Sweden came the end of a cycle, beautiful, but at the end. England however, can replace the jokes caused by two goals of Mellberg which pass the 1-0 signed by Carroll in the first half. But first things first.

England tries to forget the absence of Rooney and reasoning as a team, Cole sticks firmly to the end and 23 ‘Carroll, with a rifle, slips out the lions. The start of the second half is crackling with two goals from Mellberg they do go on Sweden, but English has the trump card, Walcott, to shift in the game. 

Upon entering marks the draw and produces an assist for the third. The best card of the game: escape from the right, cross the center and back-heel in the running of Welbeck. Replacements for Rooney do not regret.

France-England: all?

When a group of four will soon face the two best teams, the pair is quite likely eventuality. France-England is no exception to what is often a rule. Nell’afa 1-1 draw in Donetsk, after the game far longer blocked view of Euro 2012. Result set by two episodes in the first half and no longer changes from a poor recovery of emotions. Neither side gives the idea of being a terrible customer. Not England, which was bereft of Rooney (back to the last with Ukraine), and the injured Frank Lampard, Barry and Cahill, receives purely defensive approach by Roy Hodgson, with two lines very close and with the Young license to invent behind Welbeck. And even France, which rarely fails to involve Benzema and Nasri and Ribery to live on inspiration, not a man of order between and behind seems to be pierced. Blanc offers Alou Diarra for the injured M’Vila and training type, Hodgson shows courage by choosing Oxlade-Chamberlain to Downing on the left. The first steps are monotonous, because the British defend well and France has no major issues. The first thrill it gives Young, who comes between the lines and cut the fishing area by James Milner, Lloris but not good at jumping to the conclusion. First is the protagonist of the episode Joleon Lescott used to unblock a frozen race. Diarra loses marking the stopper on the punishment of Gerrard: tested 1-0 served. Ribery Nasri invites the conclusion, Gerrard is a slight delay in output on the shooter, who seduces a very unresponsive Hart at his near post. 1-1 and all to rest.

Sweden: a team of giants

Sweden team will do its best to try to catch the second place, if one between England and France don’t manage to do it. The defense is nerve most of all in teh central Mellberg and Granqvist, in the midfield stand out the giants Elm and Kallstrom and Toivonen, leader of PSV Eindhoven, and then, naturally, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, eager of revenge after have lost the championship.

THE STAR: Zlatan Ibrahimovic

He comes to the Euros with blood on the eyes, as it’s usual to say. After have failed the chamoionship after 9 years of victories, he wants to take his own revenge, doing the best Euro that Sweden has never done in its own life.  He comes with a treasure of 28 goals in championship, and knowing that he will bring again his team on his shoulders. He will be the rock to which the team will cling on to stem the enemies waves.  He will have carte blanche: he will play as the estro will suggest him.

England: what’s happened?

By name and players is one of the favourites of the victory but it didn’t win anything since 1966, and something would mean. The reasons can be the too many foreigns in Premier League and the usury of too many matches. The problem are differents: the team changed the coach on February and it is difficult give style of play and create a compact team in few months, the team lost also Lampard and Cahill, two of the most important players for experience and technique, and they will have Rooney only at teh end of the group. On the other hand, Hart is a great goalkeeper, and it is important, given that England team have always problem with those kinds of players.

THE STAR: Steven Gerrard

Gerrard is widely regarded as one of the greatest English footballers ever. Gerrard came second only to Kenny Dalglish in the “100 Players Who Shook The Kop” - a Liverpool fan poll. Zinedine Zidane said in 2009 that he considered Gerrard one of the best footballers in the world. In 2010, The Guardian named Gerrard to their World XI team, which compiled the greatest footballers of all time onto one squad. It is the first team is his carreer to wear captain’s armbard.The class is not water, and Gerrard, great midfielder with great ability to score, it has to sell. 

The Groups: 16 teams, the same goal: win

  • GROUP C: Italy, Spain, Ireland, Croatia

This group, on the paper, seems to have said all: the passage of Spain and Italy, respectively as first and second in the ranking. Actually both Ireland and Croatia can aspire to the second ranking, occupying the role of “outsider”.  Indeed both Italy and Spain aren’t so strong as years ago: Italy is a young team with a lot of insecurities, especially in defense and Spain isn’t anymore the team that won Euro 2008 and World Cup 2010. In this situation Ireland and Croatia can hinder the path in the competition of the two favourites.


Sunday 10th June: Spain-Italy (18 h), Ireland-Croatia (20.45 h)

Thursday 14th June: Italy-Croatia (18 h), Spain-Ireland (20.45 h)

Monday 18th June: Italy-Ireland (20.45 h), Croatia-Spain (20.45 h)

  • GROUP D: Ukraine, Sweden, France, England

The favourites of this group are France and England. Sweden and Ukraine have no chances to reach one of the two positions to go ahead in the competition., but they can be the teams which will cause who between England and France will get the first or the second place. Among the favourites, in fact, there isn’t one stronger that the other. England has changed the coach at the last moment, has lost Lampard and it will have Rooney only at the third and last match of the group. France is a team full of unknows and it is completely different from the team of the last world cup.


Monday 11th June: France-England (18 h), Ukraine-Sweden (20.45 h)

Friday 15th June: Ukraine-France (18 h), Sweden-England (20.45 h)

Tuesday 19th June: Sweden-France (20.45 h), England-Ukraine (20.45 h)