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Germany-Denmark: uber alles

The Germany in whole Euros will be the only team to go undefeated to the finals, a remarkable achievement by calculating also to have played, even as a favorite, in the group called “of iron”. 

The game is serious, although Germany could go forward also with a draw, but given the circumstances of the group A, it is best never to make calculations, and also certain champions, such as those in Germany,think only about winning .

The match is not the best: there is no chance for Denmark, which is crushed by the German tank in every part of the field. Germany was immediately seized the game, and could go with already 5 ‘, if Muller had not eaten a goal five meters out. At 19 ‘, has found his goal, to Podolski who, quick to profit from a cross by Muller, celebrates its 100 presence by signing the advantage.

The reaction produces the Danish goal, with Krohn-Delhi, the killer of Dutch dreams who beats Neuer. But it is only an injury for die Mannschaft, who with mocking superiority, some time even embarrassing, dominates the field. But here the Germans were daffodils, wasting their  superiority. Perhaps the only flaw of a wonderful Germany: in the final stages of the game is better to close the game immediately. The game then is decided to close by Bender at 35 ‘.

Germany-Denmark: bests and worsts



PODOLSKI 100 attendance, deserves the award for goal number 44. And ‘the youngest in Europe to reach 100 international appearance. Stratospheric.


KROHN-DEHLI Second goal, but his great merit is to be able to soar among the German giants.


GOMEZ We have become accustomed too well, but at least it has proven to be human, especially during the action of the danish draw. But remember that he is not a defender.

KJAER It tips the forwards to play too much in the area.

p.s. I had to choose one of germany as worst and i decided to choose Supermario but i’m not really happy because i think that he is a great player, but in this match he doesn’t play so well.

Portugal-Denmark: bests and worsts



VARELA It is impossible, but at now, Varela seems to be more important that Ronald in the team, and it would be better of Portugal to put Varela on the field and Ronaldo on the bench, becuase of many reasons. Varela is able to decide a match.


BENDTNER He puts on his shoulder all the denmark attack. An other time he shows all his qualities, as leader and as great player. But unfourtunately it’s not enough.


RONALDO It the second time he is among the worsts, where is the Ronaldo of this past season in Real Madrid? That of this Euros seems to be the bad brother.. Are we sure that he arrived at the Euros? he seems to have been get lost.  Missing.

Portugal-Denmark: Bendtner is not enough

Portugal remains in the running with only the Varela who takes Portugal and led it to win against Denmark, strong and well equipped. Yet another time it is not Cristiano Ronaldo helping his national team, but another player who seems a stranger in his comparison. This time Ronaldo takes part in the action failing the easiest goals of his career.

The first half ends with the 2 to 1 when at 24’ with a great goal by Pepe: header imperiously, his back to goal, with a ball into the top corner. Born immediately after the doubling of Postiga outlet in the area thanks to a perfect assist by Nani. Another team would withdraw the defense so as not to get more goals and try to make the break but it is not what Denmark makes, that uses immediately (at 41 ‘) a blunder of the Portuguese defense, unprepared in front of the touch Krohn-Dehli for the solitary Bendtner who needs only to push the network. The first half ends with a given: 39% of ball possession but the Portuguese team is ahead.

A clue for the shot.

Cristiano Ronaldo wastes a lot of chances to end up playing wing, but, too proud and arrogant, does not matter get those goals that would ruined his team without Varela. In fact, Bendtner made no mistake and he made the draw at 35 ‘, putting the head on the 2-2 valuable assists from the right side of Lars Jacobsen. It ‘s just the already mentioned Varela that ,replaced Meireles, at the end of the game decides the match.

Once again Portugal relies on and trusts of Ronaldo, and as always,  Ronaldo does not deserve it.

Netherlands-Denmark: the bests and the worsts



KROHN-DEHLI A Goal which ruins the plans and the balances of the group, and not only.


SNEJDER Simply, of an other level. If he returns in this way in Italy, his club Inter will be very happy.


VAN DER WIEL: The worst on the field. Pushes bad, defends worst. A disaster.

VAN PERSIE: Dual personality. Unfortunately for Holland, he is always Mr. Hyde.

Netherlands-Denmark: Danish joke

Now it is a problem for Netherlands, lose with a match like that, where it was the Oranges to deserve the win, it is awful. 

The group of iron becomes steel, the fact that Denmark Olsen demonstrates that they could play on par with other “mammasantissima”. Netherlands subdued compared to the extraordinary qualification round: slow, with few ideas and a lot of confusion in defense. Little energy in midfield, some limits even in his best men, from Robben Van Persie, Sneijder through, which alternates with passages played great vacuum. The next opponents are called Germany and Portugal: the European is all uphill.

The goal of Denmark is a distillation of “glitches” in defense of Holland. Simon Poulsen, very active and good in the race that is on the close, down on the left at 24 ‘: find a low cross that rewards the inclusion of Krohn-Delhi. Brondby striker’s just a fake body (good for charity), to send for a walk across the Dutch central defense: his low shot ended up under the legs of Stekelenburg and thus leads to the 1-0.

Robben repeats the usual pattern of departures from the right, centralization and shooting with the left, but it never really scared, Sneijder salt level at the beginning of recovery, but it does not last long, Afellay by reason Guardiola who used little. The inputs of Van der Vaart and Huntelaar not change much. The Netherlands has many resources, and can also recover from false start. But many have to raise the tone.

Denmark: the earthnware between those of iron?

Denmark seems to be the sacrificed team of the group given the opponents. But the team has the chances to not disfigure and to amaze in this Euro 2012, showing very interesting and young players. This is a national team that never gives up and runs a lot. Denmark has qualified at the Euros as first in his group, beating also Portugal one of the opponents in the actual group.  

Sorensen is a reliable goalkeeper but, injured, can be replaced by Andersen. The central defenser Agger and Kjaer aren’t so much reliable and when they will face players as Klose or Cristiano Ronaldo they will suffer, but they are very good in the headers and so they can be very usefull in the cross and corners. Eriksen and Rommedalh are important for the maneuver and they are behind Bendtner who was considered as a “little Ibra”. 

THE STAR: Christian Eriksen

Christian Eriksen is the tipical product of the total football of Netherlands and it is grown up in Ajax so he learnt to be ductile on the pitch, in fact he can be deployed as  midfielder, attacking midfielder or second striker.  He is a complete player with a right foot out of the norm. He was the youngest player in World Cup 2010 and when he is 20 years old he is already on the notebook of the most important teams in Europe, and the Euros can be his final runaway.