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Spain-France: too easy

A Spain like that against Croatia, beautiful but non wonderful, efficient but not perfect. A team that plays with so much pleasure without any difficulty, but that toils too much to close it. So much that in the last 20’ minutes France, with its last resources, searches the draw, scaring Spain not because of the qualities of the actions but among other things because, after a match like this, granting the balance should assure to Spain the Nobel for Silly. The problem of Spain is that , having lost Villa, they have not the same killer of area who manages to finalize what behind him was created. Torres has not the same quality and Llorente seems to not have any possibility. Del Bosque follows an other plan, that of the epidemic of “emulate-barça”, having the regular players of its. But it lacks Messi,fundamental thing. But until they play with so much pleasure without difficulties, and for sure the action don’t lack, they can postpone to find a solution. Even that from the semifinals they should do absolutely more forward. Instead France doesn’t manage to play. Blanc creates some measures to block Spain, but they are annuled immediately with goal of Xabi at 17’, caused by a mistake of Debuchy. France should have the players to balance the match ma they don’t manage to find the ball. A catastrophe for France, maybe annunced after the disaster against Sweden.

France-Sweden: Chapeau,Ibra!

With a beautiful postcard of goodbye  Sweden leaves us, a team already eliminated, plays a tough game without even giving up the ball and making invisible on the field  France, which, if  they think to play in this way against Spain, they should already begin to pack their things and go home.

Sweden aims to leave a beautiful memory of himself in this European and thank for the  support the over 40 thousand fans came here. The first time is conducted under rhythm by both sides, caused also by an oppressive sultriness, but Mr. Ibrahimovicin teh second half  time freezes France and its fans with the best goal of the whole Euros. Already impossible to think of it, think you realize it.

The goal is a technical masterpiece, a goal from the art gallery of football, the most beautiful for coefficient implementation, planning and success. A half-turn steering wheel full right neck, with both legs off the ground and twisting of the body. Acrobatic sense, coordination and ease of soccer goals come together in a fruit of extraordinary harmony. If you have not seen, it’s time to look for it on youtube. Not of the same greatness is Larsson’s goal at 46 ‘, but it serves to make the game  and the feast more bright and festive for Swedish.

The France instead seems to be a team in disarray, except Debuchy that runs on the wing as hell, and some ideas of Benzema and Ribery, the French were well below their means. And then an error incomprehensible by Blanc: what to put  on the field an already warned Mexes, with the risk of jumping the quarter, in a game that serves no purpose.