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Denmark: the earthnware between those of iron?

Denmark seems to be the sacrificed team of the group given the opponents. But the team has the chances to not disfigure and to amaze in this Euro 2012, showing very interesting and young players. This is a national team that never gives up and runs a lot. Denmark has qualified at the Euros as first in his group, beating also Portugal one of the opponents in the actual group.  

Sorensen is a reliable goalkeeper but, injured, can be replaced by Andersen. The central defenser Agger and Kjaer aren’t so much reliable and when they will face players as Klose or Cristiano Ronaldo they will suffer, but they are very good in the headers and so they can be very usefull in the cross and corners. Eriksen and Rommedalh are important for the maneuver and they are behind Bendtner who was considered as a “little Ibra”. 

THE STAR: Christian Eriksen

Christian Eriksen is the tipical product of the total football of Netherlands and it is grown up in Ajax so he learnt to be ductile on the pitch, in fact he can be deployed as  midfielder, attacking midfielder or second striker.  He is a complete player with a right foot out of the norm. He was the youngest player in World Cup 2010 and when he is 20 years old he is already on the notebook of the most important teams in Europe, and the Euros can be his final runaway.