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Quarter-Finals: one more step …

21/6/2012 Czech Republic vs Portugal  (h. 20.45)

Cristiano Ronaldo and company have found a good quarter-finals, although both it has arrived second in the group. Everyone expects a Russia-Portugal, but given the caos happened in  last game, the Portuguese team will meet that of Cech.

Czech Republic: A team that has resulted stronger than we expected, through the round with two victories against Poland and Greece after losing the first match against Russia 4-1, match that seemed to have already marked the path  in the competition. The team is advertised strength and thanks to the goalkeeper Cech, recognized by every one as one of the best, we have also found players like Jiracek, compared to  Nedved, and Pilar.

The Portugal managed to go on in the death-group even without much effort, something that seemed impossible since no one expects a disaster such as that dutch. The  portugal played a good game against Germany and it wins the other two, although suffering: but they have the ace Cristiano Ronaldo.